furniture design research project
6 Weeks
DESIGN & CRAFT: Tyler Nock
LOCATION: Copenhagen, Denmark
OBJECTIVE:   Examine history, theory, key works, and current expressions of Scandinavian furniture design. Develop design concepts through sketches, full-scale drawings, and full-scale prototypes. Using limited provided materials, design and construct a full-scale chair.
 The Cub Chair is a lounge chair that is heavily inspired by Danish modern design through its use of materials, structure, and joinery.
 The dramatic angle that is created from the rear legs connecting to the backrest gives the chair a unique "lunging stance" as if the chair is catching you as you lean back into it.
 The wide nature of the molded plywood backrest is intended to provide additional room for movement as well as added comfort from the upholstered felt/polyester-blend cushion on the "floating" seat.
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